Yvelisse Cedrez
Aliases:Yve, Yveykins, Flan, Pixie Curls, Lust, Cha-Cha, Echo, jerk-boy, and NO U
Role: Columbia
Location: in your Shower
Birthdate: July 12th!
Occupation: dancing girl, fairy princess, noodle queen
Interests: musicals, fake-fighting, gaming, comic books, swords, conversation, glitter, black nail polish, ponycars, shouting, flailing, and prancing down the road of life with a song in my heart, and historical periods I never lived through.
TV, Movies & Music: if people sing and dance in it chances are i'm obsessed with it. Also boondock saitns and tings involving swordfighting
On Cast Since: May 2009 (Original)
Previous Casts: stsac suoiverP
Heroes: The Hulk. You don't fuck with that guy.
Sex: I'm a virgin, what're you talking about? Don't taint my saintly little ears! My body is a temple, and I wouldn't violate it with hot, hot sexins.
Fun Fact: Fun Fact: I bang your mom every Tuesday
Yahoo: theatreisnice
AIM: powpowconmonkey
Full Biography
I was Queen of France once, but I retired in the midst of a scandal involving chocolate pudding wrestling. In my world travels I invented bacon and superheroes.

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