Role: Props and Lights
Location: Tampa
Birthdate: 6/16/1987
Occupation: Lawn Care Technician
TV, Movies & Music: Most anything educational, or, failing that, cartoons. Most movies people try to talk to me about, I haven't seen. As for music, I've been into obscure stuff since before being a hipster was mainstream, but I like a little bit of everything, from Zack Brown to Lamb of God, Fall Out Boy to Skrillex.
On Cast Since: June 2011
Previous Casts: on my right hand
Heroes: are all dead.
Sex: Occasionally
Fun Fact: My middle name is, in fact, not Mohammed.
Facebook: hey.whats.this
Full Biography
Born offworld, on the space station Perseus, Spyke grew up fairly normally for a spacer. He excelled in his studies, and attended the Space Marines Academy at the age of sixteen, and in two years, was its youngest graduate. He flew up the ranks, always earning the respect of his commanding officers quickly, until one day, while out on his first command, a standard recon mission in the Gamma Quadrant, his ship was lost to wandering wormhole. His ship destroyed, and his crew lost, Spyke found himself injured, and stranded on Earth, three hundred years in the past. Now Spyke finds himself torn between possibly helping mankind avoid drastic mistakes in his own past, and upholding the Code of Temporal Ethics.

We are The Cheap Little Punks. We perform The Rocky Horror Picture show, Every single Saturday, Of every single month, Live at Britton Plaza 3938 S Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL 33611 Shows start at 11:30 Tickets are $6 and only $1 for prop bags Check out our Facebook page for all special events, as well!

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