Samantha Hall
Role: Magenta
Location: Tampa
Birthdate: November 20, 1991
Occupation: Retail!
Interests: Stalking Darren Criss and Matt Smith, being a princess, drinkin' booze.
TV, Movies & Music: Music: Lady GaGa, pop, indie, classic rock, Wizard Rock, Time Lord Rock. TV: DOCTOR WHO, Glee, True Blood, American Horror Story. Movies: The 10th Kingdom, V For Vendetta, Thumbelina, Hard Candy, Milk, Scott Pilgrim, Pretty Woman, and Disney Movies.
On Cast Since: April 2010
Heroes: Julie Andrews, Conan O'Brien, and Lady GaGa.
Fun Fact: Fun Fact: Can Say 'supercalifradgilisticexpialidocious' backwards
Facebook: samanthadh
Twitter: samanthadhx
Live Messenger:
Yahoo: milkyway9185
AIM: Samanthadhx
Full Biography
The rumors are true. I'm Sam Hall and I'm the best.

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