Aliases:Patrick, Little Calvin, Penelope
Role: Props
Location: Tampa
Occupation: Student, Part time hooker and bra salesperson
Interests: I like to watch porn frequently, I do not descriminate about type or gender
TV, Movies & Music: Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber
On Cast Since: August 2009
Heroes: Orion Cross
Sex: what is that i don't know about them birdz and the beez
Full Biography
My name is Patrick Mayanetters. I dont know much about the life because i'm a kiddo. I love Jesus and Mariah Carey and saved all my allowence to go see the Jonas Brothers. I want to Marry them when I grow up I will make such a good wife i will wait around all night for the stork to come by I hear it will be hard long nights and my butt may hurt but i guess thats because i will be sitting so long. In my spare time I play candy land and smoke candy cigarettes. I'm Calvins much smaller brother much smaller, tiny smaller.....
I have large hair mostly because they say I need to have something big on my body but I don't know what that means.
Dexter is my best friend and I do many things for him I dont understand yet but I'm glad he frequently helps me enjoy life a little more.

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