Mike Fucken Marin
Aliases:Hollywood Mike
Role: Rocky
Location: I was born in Long Island New York and I live in St. Petersburg, FL
Birthdate: November 4th 1987
Occupation: I'm a Rhino Rally Driver at Busch Gardens
Interests: Acting, singing, FILM, pool, shooting (guns, not drugs), and some dancing
TV, Movies & Music: Music: Anything that sounds good to me, but mostly rock. Movies: Yes, one day I will be in them.
On Cast Since: May 2009 (Original)
Previous Casts: Haha, no comment.
Heroes: God, my mother, and Ed
Sex: I'm male and preference is females
Facebook: hollywoodmarin
Full Biography
I've been acting since I was 12 and still loving it. Acting and film are my passions and soon, it will be my career. The Cheap Little Punks feeds my passion with the role of Rocky that I shadow cast and showing my video preshows as well as perform live preshows. I'm Puerto Rican, French, Irish, and Polish in case you were wondering. i love beer, liquor not so much. I have a child and her name is Suzuki SV650... my motorcycle. Oh, and I'm not gay.

We are The Cheap Little Punks. We perform The Rocky Horror Picture show, Every single Saturday, Of every single month, Live at Britton Plaza 3938 S Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL 33611 Shows start at 11:30 Tickets are $6 and only $1 for prop bags Check out our Facebook page for all special events, as well!

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