Melissa Bell
Role: Event Coordinator
Location: Tampa
Birthdate: 10/23/1989
Occupation: Occupation: Talent Agent aka I-Got-No-Time-For-Yo-Shit
Interests: Sewing, writing, cooking, and burlesque dancing.
TV, Movies & Music: TV – Gotham, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, and many of the like! Movies – Back to the Future, Alien, Star Wars, most Tarantino films. Music – whinny guys with acoustic guitars mostly.
On Cast Since: May 2009
Previous Casts: Interchangeable Parts and Pure Anti-Matter.
Heroes: My mom
Sex: Straight sex, preferably with John Guyette
Fun Fact: I like to sew stuff and binge watch Netflix like a champ.
Yahoo: purplemunkyspaceinvader
AIM: jewgar1023
Full Biography
I first saw Rocky Horror when I was a little kid – my brother showed me Time Warp at the age of 7/8 and I thought “YAY! Something I can dance to!” Fast forward 10 years, I started with Interchangeable Parts as a part-time Janet role, as well as a few other roles here and there. I was with them for over a year, then CLP came about and I jumped ship to become a full-time Janet. After 1.5 years with CLP, I left for college and got to be on a cast in Savannah, GA called Pure Anti Matter. School got in the way, so I had to let go of Rocky for a short while…But at the end of 2013, we (John and I) moved from Georgia back to Tampa, and rejoined CLP! We’ve been here ever since!

We are The Cheap Little Punks. We perform The Rocky Horror Picture show, Every single Saturday, Of every single month, Live at Britton Plaza 3938 S Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL 33611 Shows start at 11:30 Tickets are $6 and only $1 for prop bags Check out our Facebook page for all special events, as well!

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