Matt Hensley
Aliases:Matt Black
Role: Eddie and Dr. Scott
Location: Tampa
Birthdate: October 30
Occupation: I mostly deal in rope, chain, lubricants, you know, your usual hardware store stuff at Home Depot
Interests: Gaming, nerdy stuff, projects, and Rocky Horror of course!
TV, Movies & Music: American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, most horror films, 80’s cult classics, David Bowie (RIP) Queen (RIP) basically if the lead singer is dead I probably like it
On Cast Since: April 2010
Previous Casts: Larger Than Life (Tampa Theatre)
Heroes: William Cash Cashman, Leonardo Dicaprio, Quentin Tarantino
Sex: Human man
Fun Fact: If you look closely during Hot Patootie, during the scene where Eddie first goes up the ramp with the motorbike, one of the trannies decapitates one of the statues they’re clinging to.
Facebook: HeavyMetalPirate25
Full Biography
The first Rocky show I ever attended was in St. Petersburg in 2009. I was completely confused. I didn't understand the yelling, and every time I'd look up I'd get hit in the face with something. Then a few years later, I went to my first Rocky show in Tampa, with a relatively unknown cast of The Cheap Little Punks. I had several friends from both the Renaissance Faire and Howl O Scream who were involved with it, so at first it was just another way to spend time with them. But I grew to enjoy the show each time I went, and soon sign ups for their Amateur Night were announced. I signed up to play Riff Raff. (Also a little fun fact I didn't mention above, my amateur debut coincided with two other current castmates, Lauren and Nicole.) I had fun and when auditions rolled around, I went for it and nailed it. Then, unfortunately, life decided I should lose my house and move to Bradenton FL for a while. But I kept in touch, and fate ultimately got me a new job and home back in Tampa. After a few months of trying to get my life back together, I auditioned again, this time for the role of Eddie. This time however, I sadly did not get cast in the role. (It was a very close audition) But after a few months, one of the leads that was cast endured health problems, and I was called upon to take his place. Ever since then, I've grown into the role, allowed it to change me. I am usually a very timid and self conscious person, but when I strap on those suspenders, slide into my boots, and throw on that vest and saxophone, I gotta say, I am one sexy motherfucker. Rocky is such a huge part of my life and so are the family of freaks I perform with. I can't imagine being anywhere else. CLP4LIFE

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