Aliases:TranLee, Leeeeeee
Role: Trannie. (Partner in crime and 2nd to DaniTrannie) Trixie
Location: St Petersburg
Birthdate: Feburary 19th
Occupation: I work in a residential rehab for teenagers. Fuuuu.. Also: amateur photographer/professional bitch/hippie.
Interests: reading, writing, photography, octopi, cephalopods in general, my cats, green, drinking, parties, swimming, nature, tattoos, piercings, dreadlocks, singing, sleeping, rocky horror, crazy hats, art, cameras, kissing, driving, animal rights, camping, cruises, swimming, old school video games, pretty boys, lips, my friends, books!, harry potter, cats, cute things, books of adam, exploring, airplanes, flowers, laughing, water balloon fights, spring, ducks, sha la la-ing, transylvanian conventions, makeup, lisps, more kissing, glasses, facial piercings, and many other things that eliminates a certain notion that i dont like anything, and that i am a bitch. :)
TV, Movies & Music: I really don't watch television. Sometimes, I'll catch some CNN or National Geographic, The Walking Dead..Lots of movies, but not enough, apparently, ha. I love books. That's where I get my entertainment. Tons of music. Too much to list.
On Cast Since: May 2009 (Original)
Previous Casts: Interchangeable parts - 2 years
Sex: I am a lady!.
Fun Fact: This one time, I saw a bird.
Yahoo: clickfishclick@rocketmail.com
Full Biography
Hallo. I'm Lee [eeeee]. I'm loony. On a good day, I am fairly cute, and usually nice. :) I drink a lot. You may see this displayed at the show. I don't do Rocky because I like to act, I do it because I like being a goofball and making people laugh. Also, Rocky Horror is deliciously horrible mind crack. I'm quite social at the shows, so don't be afraid to say hello sometime. :)

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