Kris Botha
Aliases:Kris B, Krisbeh
Role: Dr. Scott
Location: Tampa
Birthdate: August 4th
Occupation: Massage Therapist
Interests: Writing, art, music and LOTS of travel, Conventions, tattoos, watching obscure movies and I'm learning quite a bit about the comic book world, little by little, thanks to my CLP brothers and sisters.
TV, Movies & Music: Buffy, Repo, American Horror Story and Criminal Minds
On Cast Since: April 2010
Heroes: Joss Whedon, Steve Martin, my best friend Jen
Sex: femmy
Fun Fact: I have a pet rock his name is Steve. I live under him.
Facebook: krisbeh
Twitter: krisbeh
Yahoo: watcherfan
AIM: krisbeh
Full Biography
I produce the Repo cast - The Unworthy Heirs - and have traveled over 11,000 miles for Repo (give or take). I love hanging out with friends more than anything else, and have decided to live by this simple philosophy: "Never get too busy making a living you forget to make a life"... Also, I fell during the underwear run once, before I was on cast.

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