John Guyette
Role: Tech/Video/Graphic Design
Location: Tampa
Birthdate: July 30th
Occupation: Videographer/Editor/Graphic Artist/Designated Ginger/King of Nerds
Interests: Standard geek/nerd things, cartoons, video games, technology, history, comics, movies, science fiction, D&D, pro wrestling, and I have a special place in my heart for B-Movies. But I love making videos, playing music, standup comedy and generally doing anything the helps me express myself creativley.
TV, Movies & Music: Mystery Science Theater 3000 = Best. Show. Ever. I love Godzilla/Monster movies and all types of music.
On Cast Since: May 2009 (Original)
Previous Casts: N/A. CLP OG
Heroes: My mother. No matter how many types of cancer she has, she always laughs at the world and gave me my sense of humor. Comedians like George Carlin and Joan Rivers for always speaking the truth, no matter how absurd.
Fun Fact: I'm way cooler than this bio would lead you to believe. Probably the coolest person you've never met.
Twitter: @Johnbobguy
Live Messenger:
AIM: jhnbobguy
Full Biography
I've lived a lot of places in my life, but Tampa is the one that always felt the most like home. I joined CLP in the very beginning and even when I took a couple year hiatus to try a different direction in life, the universe saw fit to bring me back. I used to perform Brad on a regular, but have not done so since a car accident messed up my spine in 2014. Now I contribute where I can by making flyers and handeling our pre-show presentations. Every now and then I will also Emcee the show. I currently work for a law firm as a videographer and graphic designer, and dabble in stand-up comedy when I can work up the balls. I was introduced to CLP by my girlfriend Melissa Bell and I have never looked back. Rocky has brought me love on a level I didnt think possible from people I never would have met otherwise, and more experiences and stories in the last 7 years than the rest of my life combined. Rocky has improved my life on every level, personally, professionally, spiritually and creativly. I love Rocky Horror and will use every fiber in my being to bring you a fun and memorable experience that you will come back for again and again (Hopefully with friends & family)

We are The Cheap Little Punks. We perform The Rocky Horror Picture show, Every single Saturday, Of every single month, Live at Britton Plaza 3938 S Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL 33611 Shows start at 11:30 Tickets are $6 and only $1 for prop bags Check out our Facebook page for all special events, as well!

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