Jessica Dingman
Aliases:Jess, Ding, Dingy, and any other name someone could think of with the word ding in it.
Role: Most Badass Columbia, Trixie
Location: Born in the wrong Hollywood aka Hollywood, Fl. Raised in Sunrise and Deltona, Fl. Currently live in Tampa.
Birthdate: June 11th, 1987
Occupation: Poor College Graduate
Interests: corsets, red lipstick, sex, sewing, historical faires, fighting, purses, shoes, swing dancing, Jonas, short hair, style, adventures.
TV, Movies & Music: music- eclectic; tv- addicted to wedding shows, cake decorating show, home improvement shows, "You look horrible in that" shows and disney movies
On Cast Since: May 2009 (Original)
Previous Casts: nunya
Heroes: Julie Andrews, Jose Perez, Evan Dingman, Dainora Dingman, Michael Dingman
Sex: luck be a lady tonight
Fun Fact: Fun Fact: Fontaine is my wife
Twitter: dingmanowns
Yahoo: guard_is_my_sex
AIM: goddessotmoon
Full Biography
The bitches tell me I"m a "G" - PS I Love Drag Queens and Drew

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