Role: Rocky
Birthdate: June 30
Occupation: Document Specialist
Interests: Books, Knitting and taking Naps
TV, Movies & Music: Anything Crime Drama, Gotham, AHS, Dexter and Stardust
On Cast Since: June 2011
Sex: Only if you ask real nice and I’m feeling generous.
Full Biography
I may be short but good things come in small packages, though so does arsenic and dynamite ;)

We are The Cheap Little Punks. We perform The Rocky Horror Picture show, Every single Saturday, Of every single month, Live at Britton Plaza 3938 S Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL 33611 Shows start at 11:30 Tickets are $6 and only $1 for prop bags Check out our Facebook page for all special events, as well!

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