Aliases:xavi, my baby (used by lita)
Role: Trannie
Location: Tampa
Birthdate: 11/11
Occupation: aspiring make up artist
Interests: sleeping, running around in my underwear and 6" heels, drag, shopping
TV, Movies & Music: I'm quite fond of things that involve gore/horror, so AHS, also RuPaul's drag race (I know such a difference) oh and RHPS of course.
On Cast Since: January 2017
Heroes: The loml Laynie, my mom.
Sex: only laynie can handle that (but bi)
Fun Fact: lizards have hemipenises meaning they have two penises. Oh and I have two sheep
Twitter: @XCarmassino
Full Biography
I'm xavi, I like long walks in the mall and sushi, I know the difference between Louboutin and Louis Vuitton, my life is either spent doing my makeup or eating. I'm friendly I promise. I live and breath rocky and I love to share that passion that with others. Besides that, I play violin and piano.

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