Aliases:Syd, Squid, Punky
Role: Understudy Janet Weiss
Location: Tampa, FL
Birthdate: March 22nd
Occupation: I'm a college student, what is money?
Interests: I like music festivals, shooting guns, watching netflix, and spending time with my sorority sisters. Also, Halloween is my favorite.
TV, Movies & Music: I am in severe need of a movie education (movi-cation?), love sci-fi shows, and you will be hard pressed to find a genre of music I don’t like.
On Cast Since: June 2015
Sex: Yes
Fun Fact: I never developed any wisdom teeth
Full Biography
Hello! Most of the fun things about me have been covered, but I major in Psychology with a minor in Public Health at the University of South Florida. My current career aspirations are to further my education and eventually become a licensed social worker. Outside of school my life revolves around my family, friends, sorority, and of course CLP. I am honored to be a Cheap Little Punk and could not be more grateful to this cast for accepting me with open arms.

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