Role: Lights
Occupation: The Renaissance Festival
Interests: Coffee - Black with Tabasco
TV, Movies & Music: Opinion on I-75 - Well, there’s a lot of it.
On Cast Since: August 2013
Heroes: “Hero and Leander” is the best thing Marlowe ever wrote. Hero of Alexandria, also called Heron, is responsible for a nifty little formula for finding the area of a triangle.
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Reviews of this book: “The most vibrant stick in the mud.” - Patrick Mynatt “Qualified to solve all problems, from quadratic equations to drinking games.” - Bruce Ellis “Simy DC has the best stories ever.” - Ambyr Lix “I'm just going to take a minute to say Simy DC is one of the classiest intellectuals I know.” - Minnie Kochen “Really sweet, and not a whore!” - SO’s mother

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