Jennifer Casler
Aliases:Jen, Jenny
Role: Dr. Frank-N-Furter
Location: St. Petersburg
Birthdate: 07/31
Occupation: Server, occasional bartender, actor
Interests: acting, dancing, eating, costuming, makeup, adventuring
TV, Movies & Music: I like to watch everything from cartoons to really suspenseful dramas as long as the story is good. Great costume design and singable music are a bonus. I listen to a little of everything, but I love sexy dancable stuff, showtunes, and blues.
On Cast Since: December 2014
Previous Casts: Interchangeable Parts, Degenerates (Repo cast), Cheesy on the Outside (Dr Horrible Cast)
Heroes: genuinely amazing people, and anyone that has the balls to chase their passions with no regrets
Sex: Female with a Henry
Fun Fact: Hyphephilia- a fetish in which the sexuoerotism is associated with touching skin, hair, leather, fur, and fabric, especially if worn on or near erotically significant body parts. (to REALLY know your fabrics!)
Twitter: I have a twat, but no Twitter
Full Biography
I'm weird, and awkward, but I know how to dress it. I have a lot of time consuming interests, and I'm more hermity than my general demeanor suggests. My goal in life is to jump around on stage and play dress up forever. I take pride in my skills as a chameleon

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